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Welcome to Power Running.  Do you want to run faster?  Set a PR (personal record)?  Learn more about running physiology?  Or develop a training program?  If so, you've come to the right place.  This web site is for runners who want to maximize their performance.

What is Power Running?  Power Running is a set of physiological and training beliefs founded on a large body of research and empirical data.  In the past 50 years or so a large amount of practical research and empirical data about running has been accumulating but much of this data is not well know in the running community and has not been incorporated into modern training programs.  In practical terms, Power Running uses this new data to create updated physiological and training beliefs.

This site is divided into two major parts - physiology and training.  In the physiology section, I review, discuss, and analyze the basics of running physiology.  We cover traditional terms such as running economy, lactate threshold, and VO2max.  We also examine new physiological research and findings and discuss things like muscle factors, central governor model, and dose-response.  If you want to learn more about the intricacies of the human body as it relates to endurance performance, this is the place to start.

The second major part of this site is the training section.  In this section, I take facts, conclusions, and theories from the physiological section and use them to discuss and propose training methods.  My training ideas are very different from what most runners are familiar with and probably generate the most discussion of anything I write.

If you want to stay abreast of the latest research and thought on exercise physiology and training there is a ton of stuff here to read and digest.  I have to warn you in advance though - many of the things you will read on this site challenge conventional training and physiology wisdom.  If you don't want your existing beliefs challenged, don't read any further. 

My objective on this web site is to provide you the latest information and research data in a clear, understandable, and useful way.  The challenge I face is to have the wisdom to successfully incorporate this new information into pre-existing beliefs and methods, and to modify beliefs and methods when necessary, so that you are provided with the knowledge to produce the absolute best performance you are capable of.  I work very hard to do just that.  It is up to you to judge how successful I am in accomplishing that task.

One last thing, if you have questions, comments, or want to discuss something in more detail, feel free to contact me via email at - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banners.

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