Andarine S4 Review: Is This SARM Effective & Safe?

Experts consider Andarine (S4) one of the most effective Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs).

It has a reputation for being very fast-acting.

When using it, you can expect to achieve dramatic results within a short time.

Thanks to its potency, this SARM is a favorite for many athletes and bodybuilders.

In this Andarine S4 SARM review, we take a detailed look at what the compound has to offer.

How Quickly Does Andarine Work?

Like other SARMs, S4 works by selectively binding itself to the androgen receptors.

The androgen receptors play an integral role in building lean muscle mass.

Experts on supplements say this is the ideal SARM for the following reasons:

  • 100% oral bioavailability
  • Single daily dosing
  • Bone and anabolic muscle effects

The best thing about it is that it is highly effective at low dosages.

Thanks to its high bioavailability, you can expect to achieve notable results in just a couple of weeks.

In fact, you should start experiencing changes in about two weeks.

While it produces steroid-like effects, Andarine will help you gain plenty of lean muscle mass without the side effects associated with the alternatives.

You'll experience a massive boost in strength.

However, you won't experience any water retention or bloating when using this compound.

What Does Andarine Do?

Andarine has a wide range of benefits.

Let's explore some of them:

Andarine cuts fat and promotes muscle building

If you're looking to shed off excess fat and boost testosterone production for muscle building, you can't go wrong with S4. It performs impressively in cutting cycles and enhances lipolysis, which is the breakdown of fats. It can also increase your mass gains and vascularity.

This makes it an ideal SARM to add during the last few weeks of your contest preparation. If you use the right dosage together with the right diet, you'll be able to achieve a leaner physique. You'll shed more belly fat, and your veins will be more conspicuous.

Andarine safeguards muscle during intensive cuts

When you're aggressively working out to lose weight fast, your body will typically catabolize your hard-earned muscle to generate energy. This process can result in not only fat loss but also muscle loss.

Andarine will help prevent massive muscle loss during aggressive cuts. That means you can preserve your gains while still shedding excess fat. These factors make Andarine an excellent choice for body recomping.

Andarine is effective in boosting strength

If you're looking to enhance your overall fitness, this can be a great product to use. Besides making you look leaner, it will also make you stronger.

As a result, you'll be able to run faster, lift better, and for longer without crashing. For the best fitness results, you can stack Andarine with Ostarine.

Andarine has the potential to minimize prostate weight

In a study involving vehicle-treated intact rats, 0.5 mg/d of both S-1 and S-4 were able to reduce prostate weight to 64.1 percent and 79.4 percent, respectively.

It's effective in reducing prostate weight in patients with BPH or an enlarged prostate. It is as effective as anti-estrogens such as Finasteride when it comes to reducing prostate weight. What makes it a better option than Finasteride is that it doesn't cause any nasty issues.

Finasteride is known to cause impotence, among other harsh adverse effects. That means it can be a great alternative to anabolic steroids that can be detrimental to your prostate health.

You can stack this and other SARMs with testosterone to lower water retention, burn more fat, gain more mass, and uphold good prostate health.

Andarine doesn't cause estrogenic or androgenic side effects

Andarine S4 works as a full agonist in muscles and bones. As such, it promotes the growth of a lean mass, bone density, and bone strength.

However, it doesn't aromatize or cause androgenic side effects such as hair loss or excessive growth of body hair because it is a non-steroidal and non-hormonal compound. What's more, Andarine doesn't cause a deepening of the voice in females.

S4 vision side effects are reversible

Many people have avoided Andarin because some people say it causes vision-related problems. However, these effects cannot lead to serious health issues and can be reversed.

Is Andarine Right for You?

It promotes fat loss and the rapid development of lean mass and testosterone. It also minimizes muscle wasting associated with aggressive cuts. However, this is not appropriate for everyone.

It is also not a substitute for a proper diet and a good workout regime. It's ideal for people who have reached the peak of their training and are looking for a product that can help them break through it.

You should realize that this is not a magic bullet that will give you a well-chiseled physique without much effort from your side. You'll still need to work hard in the gym for your desired results. However, you'll have a much easier time reaching your body goals.

If you're pregnant or nursing, S-4 is not right for you. It is also not for people who have hormonal imbalances or an excessive supply of testosterone.

If you're not sure if this will work well for you, it is always advisable to consult with your doctor. If your doctor is supportive, he'll be able to advise you on whether or not Andarine is appropriate for you.

What is The Right Andarine Dosage?

Andarine is very potent, and hence you should take it in low doses. Experts recommend 25 mg to 50 mg per day. Studies have also shown that it has a short half-life of about three to four hours.

While the low doses are exceptionally effective, you'll need to split them into several doses because of the short half-life. Splitting the doses ensures that you have a consistent level in your bloodstream as you recover from a workout.

You can divide a 50 mg dose into two to four doses that you take throughout the day. You can take a dose before breakfast and another one with your pre-training. You can take the rest at even intervals.

Maintaining such a low dose will also help you avoid some of the side effects that come with its use. A lot of fitness enthusiasts like to stack it with Ostarine to capitalize on the synergy the two compounds have.

The combination is known to deliver exceptional results during a caloric deficit cut phase. The two SARMs will help you build or retain muscle mass.

You should always consider a post cycle therapy (PCT) when using compounds such as Andarine.

What is Ostarine used For?

Ostarine is an effective selective androgen receptor modulator for cutting and recomping. It also helps to accelerate the healing of injuries. Ostarine and Andarine usually get compared to each other.

That's mainly because the two supplements share a common heritage. They are both products of GTX Inc. and developed for the same purpose - treating conditions that include muscle wastage symptoms. However, there are a lot of differences that set these two SARMs apart from each other.

Clinical trials have shown that Ostarine is most effective in boosting muscular strength. It can also increase bone density. It is especially beneficial for people with pre-existing relevant conditions.

S-4, on the other hand, is most effective in maintaining lean mass during a caloric deficit. It can also promote hypertrophy or increased muscle size. You should keep these differences in mind if you have to choose between Ostarine and Andarine.

Andarine Stacking

If you want to achieve almost incredible bulking results, consider stacking it with LGD-4033 to help you gain a lot of lean mass within a short period.

According to some experts, combining Cardarine, Ostarine, and Andarine can help increase your endurance levels. Some users also stack S-4 with steroidal compounds such as Trenbolone. The combination has delivered spectacular benefits even at low dosages, which this Andarine S4 review confirms.

Final Thoughts

Andarine was initially developed to help in the treatment of muscle wasting diseases. It has since grown to be a favorite performance enhancer for a lot of athletes, thanks to its anabolic properties. It is one of the most potent SARMs you can find on the market today.

Andarine works by selectively binding itself to androgen receptors. That means it has fewer side effects, if any, compared to what you usually experience with performance-boosting alternatives like prohormones or androgenic steroids.

Users of S-4 can expect to experience a significant increase in both lean mass and strength within a couple of weeks. For best results, users can stack Andarine with other cutting or bulking SARMs such as Ostarine.

Several companies offer pure Andarine for sale online. We advise you to purchase your SARMs from reputable brands to avoid ending up with an ineffective product. We hope this Andarine S4 SARM review puts you on the right path to achieving your body goals without worrying about the side effects of anabolic steroids.